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Brothers, welcome to EGL Resource Center,
on this page you will find a wealth of useful material for your knowledge and enrichment. These files are only for members of EGL and please remember to always use this page responsibly.

EGL Communications:

1st Qtr Fifth Annual Session

10-08-11 - Proclamation

10-08-11 - Minutes

10-08-11 - Treasury Report

Jersey City, New Jersey

School of Instruction:

Grips - (Bro.Dwyer)

Working Tools - (Bro. Brown)

Apron - (Bro. Swinton)

Winding Stairs - (Bro. Swinton)

Protect Your Emblem - (Bro. Harris)

Tenants of Freemasonry - (Bro.Dwyer)

History of Freemason - (Bro. Swinton)

Membership Forms:

Mason - Membership Application

Royal Arch - Membership Application

Lodge of Perfection - Membership Application

Knights Templar - Membership Application

Consistory - Membership Application

Mystic Shrine - Membership Application

EGL Forms:

Tax Assessment Form