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Becoming a Mason is a very serious decision that should not be taken lightly. Choosing  Masonry is making a permanent commitment and can be one of the most significant events of your life. From the moment you become a Brother, you will be acknowledged as part of oldest fraternity known to man and accepted as such around the world.

What does it take to be a Masons?

Membership is open to all men — regardless of race, color, or religion. The qualifications to be a Mason are clear and distinct:

  1. You must be a man of at least 21 years of age
    and physical able to make your own life decisions

  2. You must be of good moral character

  3. You must believe in a Supreme Being

What are the steps to become Masons?

For hundreds of years the Masons have stood by the principle, "To be one, ask one".
This still holds true today.

  1. You may request a petition from a Mason you know. If you do not have a Masonic connection, you can email join@EzekielGrandLodge.com and get more information.

  2. Once you have submitted your petition Lodge members will visit you to discuss your membership and to answer any questions. Your petition will be presented for a vote and you will be informed of the result. If accepted, you will be notified when to appear at the Lodge to begin your journey in Masonry.

I Want to Join

Worldwide Brotherhood

Wherever you may found yourself on this planet you are likely to find a brother Mason there to acknowledge you.

Heartfelt Community Service

Helping others in need is a basic principle of Freemasonry. Brotherly Love provides the way to multitude of community service.

Becoming A Better Man

Freemasonry teaches moral lessons as a guide to living a productive life and improving yourself in all aspects.

Membership FAQs

What does it cost to become a Mason?

Every Lodge has a different fee structure for its Initiation fee and dues. Your Lodge will notify you to the amount. You must enquire about the fees and dues at the Lodge you wish to join.

How Long Does it take
to become a Mason?

There's no specific time frame, but like most things of great importance, time is not nearly as significant as the accomplishment.

There are three degrees in becoming a “Master” Mason. Degrees are steps of advancement. You will technically be a Mason after the first degree. Upon the completion of the third degree, you’ll become a Master Mason eligible for all that Freemasonry has to offer and you be recognized as such wherever you may travel.

How will I know what to do?

Your Lodge will consult with you and assist you doing this introductory period and will be with you throughout your journey becoming your masonic family.


Benefits of Freemasonry