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14 Presidents of the United States:

George Washington - 1st President

James Monroe - 5th President
Andrew Jackson - 7th President
James Knox Polk - 11th President
James Buchanan - 15th President
Andrew Johnson - 17th President
James Abram Garfield - 20th President
William McKinley - 25th President
Theodore Roosevelt - 26th President
William Howard Taft - 27th President

Warren Gamaliel Harding - 29th President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 32nd President
Harry S. Truman - 33rd President

Gerald R. Ford, Jr. - 38th President

American Revolution Leaders:

Benjamin Franklin - 1 of 13 Masonic signers of Constitution of the U.S.

John Hancock - 1 of 9 Masonic signers of Declaration of Independence

Patrick Henry - Patriot

Paul Revere - Famous Midnight Ride - Grand Master of Massachusetts

James Otis - Famous for "Taxations without Representation is Tyranny"

John Paul Jones - Founder and First Admiral of the U.S. Navy

International Leaders:

King George VI - United Kingdom

King Edward VII - United Kingdom

King Edward VIII - United Kingdom

Sir Winston Churchill - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Piet Retief - Afrikaans leader and one of the founders of the South African nation.

Leon M'Ba - First President of the Republic of Gabon

Joseph Jenkins Robert s - First President of the Republic of Liberia


"Sugar" Ray Robinson - Mid/light heavyweight boxing champion

John A. Jack Johnson - First Black heavyweight boxing champion in U.S.

James Naismith - Inventor of Basketball

Scottie Pippen - No. 33, Chicago Bulls Forward

Don King - Boxing promotor

Ty Cobb - Baseball Hall of Fame Player
Jack Dempsey - Heavyweight boxing champion
Arnold Palmer - Golf Pro
Branch Rickey - Baseball Legend, Signed Jackie Robinson
Bart Starr - Football Quarterback - Green Bay Packers
Cy Young - Baseball pitcher

Ralph H. Metcalfe - Olympic champion


William "Count" Bassie - Orchestra leader/composer

Nat 'King' Cole - Great ballad singer

Louis Armstrong - Jazz Musician

Paul Whiteman - "King of Jazz"

William C. Handy - Composer

Ludwig Van Beethoven - 1770-1827. Composer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Child musical genius - composer
Jahann Christian Bach - Composer

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington - Orchestra leader/composer

James Herbert "Eubie" Blake - Composer/Pianist

Irving Berlin - Composer/Entertainer


Ossie Davis - Actor/Director/Playwrite

Richard Pryor - Comedian/Actor

Alex Haley - Author

John Wayne - Actor

Samuel L. Clemens - Mark Twain - writer
Lou Costello - Comedian
W.C. Fields - Actor
Clark Gable - Actor
Oliver Hardy - Actor - Comedian (Laurrel & Hardy)
Harry Houdini - Magician
Buster Keaton - Movies, Comedian
Carroll O'Connor - Actor
Ringling Brothers - All 7 brothers and their father were Masons.
Roy Rogers - American cowboy and screen star
Will Rogers - Actor
Red Skelton - Comedian/Entertainer
John Stafford Smith - Wrote the music that became the US National Anthem
Charles "Tom Thumb" Stratton - Entertainer
Danny Thomas - Actor, Entertainer
William Wyler - Director of "Ben Hur"

Bert Williams - Actor/Comedian

Alexander Pushkin - Poet/Novelist/Playwrite

Industrialists and Entrepreneurs:

John H. Johnson - Publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines

Garrett A. Morgan, Sr. - Inventor traffice light and gas mask

Lewis Howard Latimer - Inventor of the carbon filament for light

Henry Blair - First Black to recieve a U.S. patent

Walter P. Chrysler - Founded Chrysler Corporation
William H. Dow - Dow Chemical Co.
John Boyd Dunlop - Tire Manufacturer
Henry Ford - Pioneer Automobile Manufacturer
King C. Gillette - Gillette Razor Co.
Charles C. Hilton - Founder of Hilton Hotels
Frank Hoover - Vacuum cleaner fame
Sir Thomas Lipton - Founder Lipton Tea Company
John MacAdam - Invented "blacktop pavement"
Fredrick Maytag - Maytag appliances
George Jacob Mecherle - Founder, State Farm Insurance
Andrew Mellon - American industrialist, banker and philanthropist.
James C. Penney - Retailer (J.C. Penney)
Harland "Colonel"Sanders - Founder Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants
David Sarnoff - Father of T.V. (RCA)
John W. Teets - Chairman and President of Dial Corporation
Dave Thomas - Founder of Wendy's Restaurant
Thomas Watson - Founder of IBM

Religious Leaders:

Reverend Jesse Jackson - Minister and founder of the Rainbow Coalition

Reverend Al Sharpton - Minister and Civil Rights Advocate

Richard Allen - Founder/First Bishop AME Church

Absalom Jones - First Black Priest in the Episcopal Church in U.S.
Father Francisco Calvo - Catholic Priest (Freemasonry in Costa Rica 1865)
Geoffrey Fisher - Archbishop of Canterbury 1945 - 1961
Joseph Fort Newton - Christian Minister
Norman Vincent Peale - Minister and Founder of "Guidepost"
Bishop Carl J.Sanders - United Methodist Church
Mark Sexson - Minister and Founder: Intl. Order of Rainbow for Girls


Thurgood Marshall - Supreme Court Justices

Prince Hall - Grandfather of Prince Hall Masonry

W.E.B. DuBois - Educator/author/historian

Booker T. Washington - Educator/Founder Tuskegee Institute

Andrew Young - Former Mayor of Atlanta and U.N. Ambassador

Charles Rangel - U.S. Congressman

Medgar Wiley Evers - Civil Rights leader & N.A.A.C.P. field secretary

Julian Bond - N.A.A.C.P. National Chairman

Kweisi Mfume - Executive Director of the N.A.A.C.P.

Benjamin L. Hooks - Former Executive Director of the N.A.A.C.P.

Glenn D. Cunningham - First Black Mayor of Jersey City, NJ (King David Lodge #7)

Maynard Jackson - First Black Mayor of Atlanta, GA

Wilson Goode - First Black Mayor of Philadelphia, PA

Carl B. Stokes - First Black Mayor of Cleveland, OH

Thomas Bradley - Mayor of Los Angeles, California

Emanuel Cleaver - Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri

Marion Barry - Former Mayor of Washington, D.C.

Louis Stokes - Former U.S. Congressman

Chaka Fattah - Congressman

Augustus F. Hawkins - US Congressman California

J. Edgar Hoover - Director of FBI
Fiorella H. La Guardia - La Guardia Airport, Mayor of NY
Harry S. New - Postmaster General who established Airmail
Joel R. Poinsett - U.S. Minister to Mexico who developed the Poinsettia
Charles B. Rangal - U.S. Congressman from New York
Harold Stassen - Statesman, signer of U.N. Charter

Other Famous Masons:

Mathew Henson - Explorer

Martin R. Delany - First Black to matriculate from Havard Medical School/

   First Black Major in the U.S. Army

A. Philip Randolph - Founder of the Intern’l Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

Alexander T. Augusta - First African-American to head a hospital in the U.S.

Edward Bouchet - First Black elected to the Phi Beta Kappa Society

Dr. Ernest Everett Just - One of the founders of Omega Psi Phi (renowned zoologist)

Daniel Hale Williams - First surgeon to perform open heart surgery

William Wells Brown - First Black to publish a novel

Granville T. Woods - Inventor

Benjamin E. Mays - Former President of Morehouse College

William Clark - Explorer (Lewis and Clark)

Frederic A. Bartholdi - Designed the Statue of Liberty

Douglas MacArthur - Five Star General,

Neil Armstrong - Astronaut
Rev. Francis Bellamy - Authored U.S. Pledge of Allegiance

Robert Pershing Wadlow - Tallest human on record being almost 9 feet tall
Gutzon and Lincoln Borglum , - Father and son who carved Mt. Rushmore
Casanova - Italian Adventurer, writer and entertainer
Jean Henri Dunant - 1828-1910 - Founder of the Red Cross

Joseph Ignace Guillotin - Inventor of the "Guillotin"

Robert E. B. Baylor - Founder Baylor University
Samuel Gompers - Founder of American Federation of Labor (AFL of AFL-CIO)
Juan Gris - Spanish Artist - Synthetic Cubism
Cornelius Hedges - "Father" of Yellowstone National Park
James Hoban - Architect for the U.S. Captial
Jean-antoine Houdon - 1741-1828 - Sculptor
Melvin Jones - One of the founders of the Lions International
Henri Lafontaine - Nobel Prize in 1913
Frank S. Land - Founder Order of DeMolay
Gary Leazer - Joined after Investigated Freemasonry for Southern Baptist Convention
Ralph H. Metcalfe - Olympic Champion
Albert Abraham Michelson - Successfully measured the speed of light in 1882
Jacques and Joseph Montgolfier - Co-developers of the first practical hot-air balloon
Dr. Robert Morris - Poet and Founder of the Order of Eastern Star
Cecil Rhodes - Rhodes Scholarship
Antoine Joseph Sax - Invented the Saxophone (1846)
George Schoonover - Founder of "The Builder"
Matthew Webb - First man to swim the English Channel (1875)

Famous Freemasons

Freemasons shaping America


Freemasons were signers of the
Declaration of Independence



Freemasons (33%)
were signers of the
U.S. Constitution



Freemasons that were United States Presidents


Ezekiel Spotlight

Thurgood Marshall

First Black Supreme Court Justices

and one of 35 Freemasons

that served on the Supreme Court