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Myths (Answered)

Truths (Confirmed)

Like most people you have probably heard a lot of outlandish things about Freemasonry, most are simply untrue, speculations made by people outside of the organization. The origins of Freemasonry dates back over 2000 years so you can see that there is a lot of room for misunderstanding. Let’s try to bring some clarity to Freemasonry once and for all.

What’s Freemasonry?

Simple Answer:  Freemasonry (or Masonry) is the oldest fraternity in the world.

Detailed Answer:  It is a beautiful guide to living your live with honesty and morality. Freemasonry consist of a body of men brought together for the sake of intellectual, social and moral improvement. Masonry makes no distinction of religion or race and emphasizes the duties of citizenship. Masonry offer no monetary advantages, but supports a wide range of charities.

How did Freemasonry Start?

Simple Answer:  The origins of Freemasonry is not known.

Detailed Answer:  There are many theories dating back several hundred even thousands of years on how masonry got its start, such as the Egyptian pyramid builders or A band of Knights Templar, however the general agreement amongst historians and researcher is that Freemasonry developed, either directly or indirectly from the Medieval Stonemasons “operative masons” who traveled building the great cathedrals and castles. The formal and well documented history begins on June 24, 1717 when Freemasonry created a formal organization in England when the first Grand Lodge was formed by four London Lodges, the oldest of which was thought to have existed in 1691. A Grand Lodge is the administrative body in charge of Masonry in some geographical area.

What’s Mason?

Simple Answer:  A member of a fraternity known as Freemason.

Detailed Answer:  A Good Man made Better. A Mason is a man of strong character, a pillar of his community, a man who seeks light throughout his life while sharing the virtues of brotherly love.

Is Masonry a religion?

Simple Answer:  No.

Detailed Answer:  Masonry in not a religion, a person who wants to become a Mason must have a belief in God. No atheist can ever become a Mason. Why the confusion -- Maybe because, Masonry teaches many of the virtues found in the various denomination of religion. Maybe because, Masonic buildings are called “temples.” Whatever the case may be Masonry in not a religion. However, Masons believe in the importance of religion. Masonry encourages every Mason to be active in his chosen faith be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Masonry teaches that without faith, a man is an island and lost, and that without belief, he can never illuminate to his fullest potential.

Is Masonry a “Secret Society”?

Simple Answer:  No.

Detailed Answer:  Masonry are not really “secretive,” at all. We wear rings, lapel pins with Masonic emblems, we have Masonic license plates and car emblems, we have large signs clearly marking our buildings and we post our meetings on road signs. We don't do a very good job at hiding things. In fact, many Lodge activities are posted throughout the community. However we do keep some things private to our membership, like the way we identify ourselves to other Mason, the journey and travels that only another mason can appreciate.  “Secret societies” became very popular at the turn of the century in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many actual “Secret Societies” modeled themselves after the well organized system of Freemasonry. Masonry got a bad wrap and was lump together with those secretive groups.

Are all Masons the same?

Simple Answer:  Yes

Detailed Answer:  Regardless of race, location, economic status, AF&AM, F&AM, Price Hall -- all masons are the same, guided by the rules, procedures and ceremonies of Freemasonry. A Mason is a Mason and is received as such all over the world.

What's the Difference AF&AM vs F&AM?

Simple Answer:  Not much

Detailed Answer: Masons trace their "legendary" history back to the building of Solomon's temple, their "operative" history back to the mediaeval cathedral builders. But the "official" history only trace back to the formation of the first Grand Lodge in London, in the year 1717. During this time there were two rival groups: one called themselves "Ancients" and called the other group "Moderns".  The two groups settled their differences and merged to form the “United Grand Lodge of England” on December 27, 1813, but by then there were lodges and Grand Lodges all over the United States that were descended from one group or the other, and so kept the corresponding initials.

Who or What is Prince Hall?

Simple Answer:  A Great Man, Founder of the "Black" Freemasons

Detailed Answer: Prince Hall was a abolitionist and a leader of the free black community in Boston. Hall tried to gain enslaved and free blacks a place in all spheres of New England’s society, Freemasonry, education and the military. Prince Hall and fourteen other free black men petitioned for admittance to the white Boston St. John’s Lodge. They were turned away and was force to look elsewhere -- on March 6, 1775, Hall and fifteen other free blacks were initiated into the Masonry by members of the Irish Military Lodge No. 441. The Lodge was attached to the British forces stationed in Boston. Hall and the other freed men founded African Lodge No. 1 with Prince Hall named as Grand Master.

When the British Army left Boston in 1776, the black Masons had limited power. After petitioning for nine years to white American Lodges, They applied to the Grand Lodge of England for a warrant March 2, 1784. the grand master of the Mother Grand Lodge of England, H. R. H. The Duke of Cumberland, issued a charter for the African Lodge No. 1 later renamed African Lodge no. 459 September 20, 1784. Shortly after, black masons elsewhere in the United States began contacting Prince Hall with requests to establish Lodges in their own cities.

Are all Black Masons Prince Hall Masons?

Simple Answer:  No, Absolutely Not.

Detailed Answer: How can I put this -- Many Black Masons are not Prince Hall Masons. Otherwise, it that would be like suggesting that all Blacks seeking higher education would only go to a Historically Black Institutions. Black Masons are found all over the world in all types of Lodges.

Can a female become a Freemason?

Simple Answer:  No.

Detailed Answer: Masonry is a fraternity, only a man can become a Mason. The Order of Eastern Star is the sister organization to Freemasonry where females can experience all of the morals and virtues of an Eastern Star.

How does a man become a Freemason?

Simple Answer:  Ask One to Be One

Detailed Answer: See "Join" menu tab to review membership procedures


Masonry is not a cult magic or witchcraft


Masonry do not hurt
or kill people


Masonry do not worship "Pagan" items


Masonry is not a “Secret Society” plotting to take over the world


Masons are not atheist


All Masons believe in GOD


Masons give to the needy and feed the hungry


Masons are one the largest donating organizations on
the planet


Masons believe in Brotherly Love and helping others


Masonry Makes Good Men Better!