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Past Grand Master

Hon. Alvin "Duke" Sims



Blue Lodges

Eureka Lodge #2

Jersey City, NJ   •   Meetings: 2nd Saturday

W.M. Christopher Hamilton

e-mail: eureka@ezekielgrandlodge.com

Ebenezer Lodge #4

Englewood, NJ   •   Meetings: 1st Saturday

W.M. John Smith

e-mail: ebenezer@ezekielgrandlodge.com

Affiliate Degrees

Ezekiel Chapter #1

Royal Arch Mason

Companion Stephen Swinton

Excellent High Priest


Lodge of Perfection #1

Elu Tamesh Bahadur

Thrice Puissant Grand Master

Ezekiel Commandery #1

Encampment of Knights Templar

Sir Knight Kernal Thomas 33°

Eminent Commander

Ezekiel Consistory #1

Sublime Prince
Lloyd Newberry 33°

Ill. Commander in Chief

Ezekiel Temple #1

Ancient Arabic Order Nobles
of the Mystic Shrine

Noble Eben Meyers


Ezekiel Conclave Council #1
of Inspector General

Hon. Kernal Thomas

Grand Master

R.W. Deputy Grand Master

Ill. Eben Myers 33º

R.W. Grand Sr. Warden

Bro. Tamesh Bahadur

R.W. Grand Jr. Warden

Bro. John Harris

R.W. Grand Treasurer

PGM. Stephen Swinton 33º

R.W. Grand Sr. Deacon

Bro. Isaac Holliday

R.W. Grand Jr. Deacon

Bro. Wayne Bryant

R.W. Grand Chaplain

Bro. Val Knight

R.W. Grand Tyler

Bro. Odell Brooks

R.W. Grand Marshall

Bro. Anthony Reeder

Past Grand Master

Hon. John L. Henson 33º


Enoch Lodge #5

Newark, NJ   •   Meetings: 2nd Saturday

W.M. Eben Myers

e-mail: enoch@ezekielgrandlodge.com

King David Lodge #7

Jersey City, NJ   •   Meetings: 2nd Saturday

W.M. Tamesh Bahadur

e-mail: kingdavid@ezekielgrandlodge.com

Queen Elizabeth Lodge #36

Rahway, NJ  •   Meetings: 1st Saturday

W.M. Guy Ewings

e-mail: queenelizabeth@ezekielgrandlodge.com

A Brief History of Ezekiel Grand Lodge

On January 28, 2006 Ezekiel Grand Lodge was established as a Sovereign Grand Lodge for the State of New Jersey. The mission was to build a stronger fraternity based on “Truth” and “Brotherly Love”. The first Grand Master was the Hon. John L. Henson 33º and the organizing lodges were as follows: Unity Lodge No. 1 (Newark), Eureka Lodge No. 2 (Newark), King David Lodge No. 7 (Jersey City), and Ebenezer Lodge No. 4 (Englewood). The Grand Lodge was incorporated January 16, 2007.

In July 2009 Ezekiel Grand Lodge was a founding member of the Original John G. Jones General Grand Masonic Congress of Grand Masters A.F. & A.M. of the United Sates of America and Canada, Inc. and Supreme Grand Chapter, Order of Easter Star and hosted the inauguration and installation in the state of New Jersey on June 25, 2010. Hon. Alvin "Duke" Sims was elected as Grand Master on June 11, 2011.

On June 28, 2014 Hon. Stephen Swinton was elected as Grand Master to continue the success of Ezekiel Grand Lodge.

Egyptian Hall,

Philadelphia Masonic Hall

A view (from the south side) of the King Solomon walls and gate.

R.W. Grand Secretary

Bro. Christopher Hamilton

Past Grand Master

Hon. Willie Beachem 33º

Ill.. Lloyd Newberry, 33º

M.W. Grand Master

Hon.. Al Kernal Thomas 33º